Fragile Flame Remix – Nicholas Antony

Fragile Flame Remix

June 14, 2019

Ever since I heard Aeden's 'Fragile Flame' I was a big fan of that song. I remember in my early years, listening to this song on my headphones, lying on the floor and just flying through the galaxy in pure ecstasy... In years that followed I signed him to one of my labels, and I got to organize the new release of this song.

I cannot recall exactly when did I decide to make my own remix, but I think that it was after this re-release, when I had the opportunity to have all the project files of the song, when I decided to try something on my own. What started as a fun-playing, curiosity project, slowly started turning into something that I really didn't expect. This new track started to form and everything started to come into place so beautifully.

Today, I am proud to present that work to you.