Echoes Of The Future – Nicholas Antony

Echoes Of The Future

April 26, 2018

In order to fully live in the present moment we must let go of the past and future as well. What does this exactly mean?

Wasting too much energy on things that have gone by is a no-brainer, but, if you catch yourself living too much in the future by fantasizing about your future life, you will also spoil the happiness that lays in the present moment. Sometimes it's the simple process of slowing down that makes you realize this. I'm speaking from a personal perspective here.

What does this have to do with my new release you might ask?

First of all, for me to advance further I need to let go of the past, and that means dealing with my old works that were left abandoned all these years. I had two options, to either delete or release, and now you know which option I went for.

Therefore, I'm starting a series today, where in the next month I'm going to release 3 of my most crucial old works beginning with the "Echoes Of The Future", a single that was done in 2010 as a joint track to my first official release "Excidium", hence why you will notice the same synths at some point, but the main story is quite different and this is why I think it deserves this special release.

Nicholas Antony